School of Advanced Massotherapie (EMA)

EMA Academie

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Monday - Saturday : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Our Team

Quentin Marcus

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Certified Personal trainer

TRX trainer

CrossFit level 1 coach

CPEP, CPT (Ataraxia)

Group fitness instructor; Kickboxing coach

With over 20 years in retail sales management and development across Canada and some parts of the USA, Quentin brings his vast experience of working with people and managing businesses in complex environments.

After a short but successful foray into the e-commerce business, he decided to focus his attention on his love of Coaching and Personal training which he continues today. Holding certifications in a variety of exercise domains he offers a well-rounded and dynamic approach to his fitness clientele.

He is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), having Graduating from EMA, Specializing in Swedish and Deep tissue Massage.

 Guy Dupras

Having graduated his Bachelor of Science in 2017, Fadi specialised in clinical exercise physiology. He is currently doing a masters degree in rehabilitation, focusing on the rehabilitation of people through virtual reality.  

Fadi has played soccer for 10 year, before switching over to football, where he suffered a dislocated shoulder.  

He will be able to give you help not only learn about anatomy, but will assist you to understand its functionality of it.

In our team continue after this or followed by: Amanda Amoroso and Guy Dupras.

Amanda Amoroso BSc. CAT (C). RMT

Amanda Amoroso

Amanda Amoroso graduated in 2013 from Concordia University in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. She further developed her education at EMA in Swedish massage granting her the title of a Registered Massage Therapist in addition to a Certified Athletic Therapist.

She mainly works with local sports teams such as football and soccer as an Athletic
Therapist while running a private practice of her own offering massage and injury rehabilitation treatments.

She has extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology as well as the function of the human body and the science of movement. Her passion is to promote proper healthy body function and to pass on her knowledge of the human body.

Guy Dupras

Guy Dupras

 Guy Dupras

With a degree in Business Administration and specializing in marketing, Guy has spent many years expanding new and existing business for his employers. In 1992 he created his own consulting firm called Duco Marketing and created programs on the sales process, character styles and how to market focus to name a few subjects.

Shortly after, he opened another company that import and distributes specialty appliances which is still active today. After some time, Guy realized his deep interest for massotherapy and registered at the EMA where his passion started and developed.

He continued to follow numerous other complimentary short courses to attain his 1000 hour level. He had a deep desire to be more active in this area and change his career to include majority of his time in the field.

EMA Academie

46 Ste-Anne Avenue,

Pointe Claire, QC. H9S 4P8



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