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EMA Academy offers an academic and professional information necessary to become a registered massage therapist (RMT). With the knowledge gained from their studies, the students will have an understanding of the effectiveness of massotherapy as it relates to the body and be able to practice their abilities with confidence while following the proper ethical practices taught in the course.

EMA Academy integrates anatomy as it relates to massage therapy with the mind-body relationship into a functional understanding of the human body as it relates to this practice. This is a very necessary requirement to understanding how to offer a professional massage. Classes are led by qualified teachers in a relaxed atmosphere that develops good relationships and provides a stable yet flexible base to accommodate our students.

About us - Kirkland
About us - Kirkland

The École de Massothérapie Avancée has a long tradition of training the finest graduates. Students gain from the knowledge of the effective and unique techniques taught as well as from the hands on experience. Our classes are held in a fully equipped facility, guided by instructors that have the passion for massotherapy and the desire to have graduates that excel in the profession.

Since establishment of the school in 2003, special attention has been given for providing a specific program to producing the best results and assist our students attain their goal of achieving their registered certificate in Massotherapy. Recently, we have made great strides in upgrading our format, in the philosophy of constant and never ending improvements, by adding more content to our courses.

About us - Kirkland

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