School of Advanced Massotherapie (EMA)

EMA Academie

Pointe Claire, Quebec, H9S 4R5 514-246-5010



Monday - Saturday : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Here are a few outstanding reasons for choosing EMA ACADEMY (École de Massothérapie Avancée)


The EMA Academy has an excellent reputation in the field of massotherapy. Many students have given the school their positive feedback and the proof is that they continue to return for more classes in the many different types of courses offered at the school. This reputation is an asset to the student and helps them when getting employment.

Our teachers:

All of our teachers are professional massage therapists that were personally chosen because of their excellent capabilities, honesty, and their individual vision of life. Learning becomes easier with people who have experience.

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Small Class Size:

Student to teacher ratio is maximum 8 students (4 tables) to one teacher. This allows the student to have more one on one time with the teacher and develop better relationships along the way.

Course Schedules:

We have a unique course schedule that allows the student to complete the 400 hours required to attain massotherapy qualifications and to practice their profession in the market.

To increase their capabilities to the 1000 hour level category the student can, at his discretion, choose the from our many short classes offered by EMA.

These short classes can be added to their accomplished 400 hours to obtain the level #3 category.

In this way the student can complete the program requirements in a more flexible time frame.

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Individual attention:

Each student is treated individually within each their capabilities. Should the need arise, the student can ask to have a private separate class to understand more clearly any method or techniques that they may be having difficulty with. This will allow any student with difficulty to progress evenly with the class and they can easily inquire with the teacher of the class at that time.

Flexible Schedules:

We know that our students are often working at other jobs or already have a busy agenda so we discuss with all of them and may adjust our schedule from time to time to better coincide with all those participating in a particular course of study.

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Courses offered:

We have a wide range of classes from 400 hours credits to short courses of 100-150 hours credits. EMA Academy classes are specific and carefully constructed to make full use of the student’s time while in school.

Course Construction:

Our unique program allows us to offer our students a class time schedule that is the most convenient in the educational field of massotherapy but at the same time teaches the student all that is necessary to know to be a qualified massotherapists.

Accredited School:

All our courses are accredited, certifiable and recognized by the l'Association de Massothérapeuts du Québec (AMQ) amongst others.

Our prices:

We are pleased to say that due to our method of teaching and specialized structure, EMA Academy can offer the best and most competitive prices on the market today.

For all of these reasons, EMA Academiy has contributed many successful graduates.

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EMA Academie

46 Ste-Anne Avenue,

Pointe Claire, QC. H9S 4P8



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